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March 06 2018

December 13 2017

Let’s play https://www.bubbleshooter.net #bubbleshooter. Please drop your highest score in a message. With proof please. I will post the top 3 on my tumblr

September 29 2017

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Shhh he’s brooding

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I want jealous Brucie

#batman #comic

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Joker has a playdate with Gotham City :) (GIF !!!)

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Batman by Vicente Valentine

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I think that’s a yes, Bruce.

(How this scene should have ended!)


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Batman is spying you

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Movie Variant

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even Joker says so || Bruce Wayne


Warning(s); None.

Joker might be a lil’ OOC in this one but everyone seems to like it so, WHY NOT XD


You loved your husband so much, so much that it hurts, in a good way. You fight by his side every night and take care of the kids every day. You trust him with your life and he trusts you with his, there is no a second passes without you trying to protect each other no matter how far the two of you are.

You and him would spar to keep each other sharp in a fight, would be enraged if one of you get hurt, giving reassuring kisses to calm each other down, you complete him as he completes you.

There is also a time where you would fight with him over things, sometimes it would be some silly and stupid things, sometimes it would be something so big that you almost left the manor.

And now? It was the latter.

The only thing that made it different was, you were fighting while the villains were watching.

Your baby boy got hurt because Bruce just had to let him go first when you told him not to, it was dangerous but your damn son just wouldn’t listen to you.

“If you just let me do it instead of him, he wouldn’t get hurt!” You were pretty much angered by now, your sons also your number one priorities for heaven’s sake! Even though they didn’t come out of your womb you still love them.

Bruce didn’t say anything but you could feel his irritated glare under his cowl.

Somehow your sudden uproar stopped all the fights, even the crazy clown that always bothers your husband stopped whatever he was doing and watch your bickering much to your amusement.

The silence was so awkward and eerie at the same time, to make it worse you were standing in the middle of an empty street. Nothing could be heard instead of your ragged breathing.

“He knows the risk.” Bruce finally spoke in his gruff voice, a puff of air was visible due to the cold night. He looked calm and collected, knowing his son would be okay. He did worry though, just a bit.

You scoff at his stubbornness. It was so hard, so hard not to let his full name slip out of your lips. “Look- Batman, he’s just a kid. A kid!

“I know.”

“Then why did you let him pull a stunt like that?!”

“He’s a strong kid.”

“What if he died?!”



Bruce was visibly pissed, everybody knew that. They could see his muscles tensed under his suit, jaw clenched before he sighed for the first time that night.

“Don’t make me regret marrying you.” He blurted out without thinking.

A series of gasp was heard; Joker gasped, Scarecrow- who arrived in the right time gasped, Harley and Ivy gasped, the goons gasped.

You threw your arms in the air to show him your exasperation before giving him a good slap on his cowl covered handsome face.

“I’m not going home tonight!” You hissed, walking over to Harley and Ivy without thinking.

“As much as I find it amusing, I think you went a little too far Batsy.” Joker pointed out, suddenly got pissed at your husband’s words and joined your side.

“If my puddin’ tells you that, then ya went too far.” Harley genuinely agreed. “Let’s have a girl’s night out.”

Your eyes lit up, a grin creeping up to your face as you slung your arms over the women’s shoulders as if you had known them for so long and never tried to behead each other.


The women led you out of there, leaving the men alone.

Bruce looked at you until you vanished from his sight, he very much regretted his words.

You knew he didn’t mean it but it would still be best to give him some space.

“That woman.” Bruce murmured.

“Don’t ‘that woman’ her,” Joker spoke up again, crossing his slender arms over his chest as he shifted his weight onto a leg. A deep frown on his face. “It’s your fault you stupid bat, I can’t believe you.”

“Joker’s right, even though I’m the bad guy I think saying you’re going to regret marrying her just because she worries is wrong.” Scarecrow pointed out in a matter of factly.

Bruce was speechless, for once he was made speechless. He admitted it, all he could say was; “then what should I do?”

Joker cackled, a shit-eating grin on his face. “I thought you’d never ask! Follow me, Batsy!”

Ayy, so crackish.

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Isn’t Love MAD?!! Finished these two watercolors up for New York Comic Con next week. I’ll be set up in artist alley at table D10.
Hope to see you there

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When you love your best friend so much!  ( ´∀` ) ♥

I like the batman comic

July 12 2016

Questions to all peoples, has anyone had to get a private loan for school?

August 02 2015

June 22 2015

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May 02 2015

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by Kevin Tiongson

heyoo what

January 30 2015

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Parenthood (2010-2015)
♥ May god bless and keep you always. May your wishes all come true. May you always do for others, and let others do for you.
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